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Linkedin Company Scraper ( Bulk/Mass )
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Pay $50.00 for 1,000 bages

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Linkedin Company Scraper ( Bulk/Mass )

Linkedin Company Scraper ( Bulk/Mass )

Try for free

Pay $50.00 for 1,000 bages

It can scrape 50 linkedin companies in one go. Each badge contains 50 companies. So $1 per 1000 comapnies and $50 per 50000 companies ( 1000 badges ). If you need to scrape more than 1M Profiles, kindly get a private premium actor from us by opening a new issue with title "Need Premium Actor"

Mass/Bulk scrape linkedin companies

This scraper can mass/bulk scrape upto 50 linkedin companies in one go. It scrapes all data from the provided linkedin profile urls.

Increase limit

If you wamt to scrape more than 50 companies in a go, we can arrange a private actor for you to scrape upto 1000 companies in a go. Open a new issue with title "Need a premium actor", share your quote with estimate monthly usage. We will respond back soon. Maximum price apify allows for an actor is $500, So from a single actor It could be something like 500k companies for $500

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