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Linkedin Profile Posts

Linkedin Profile Posts

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Pay $1.00 for 1,000 responses

Scrapes linkedin profile posts from a given linkedin user's profile. If you need to scrape more than 1M Profiles, kindly get a private premium actor from us by opening a new issue with title "Need Premium Actor"

URL of a user at whose posts you need.


Linkedin user's profile url.

paginationToken you recieved from page 1 or last page actor run.


paginationToken is used to proceed one bt one upto each page. You can get paginationToken in each actor run response.

Page number


Page number to scrape 10 results from. Page number should greater tham 0 and less than 100 (as per

With Comments


Number of comments you need from each post ( max 100 ).

With Reposts


Number of reposts you need from each post ( max 100 ).

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