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Deezer Playlist History


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Deezer Playlist History

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Deezer had the bad habit of losing tracks in my playlists from time to time.

So I needed to take snapshots at regular intervals and to compare them.

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Workflow outline

A simple outline of the implemented workflow:

Workflow outline

Classes overview

An overview of the classes with simplified methods and fields (not the actual ones):

Classes overview

How-to restore your tracks?

So, you have successfully saved the tracks of your playlist. And now, for whatever reason, you want to restore them. That was the whole point, after all. It's a little involved, but not very difficult once you know how...

First of all, you need a Deezer application. If you don't have one, "create a new application" then fill the form. Change the values according to your liking as they are not important:

Key Value
Name NDD Scripts
Redirect URL after authentication
Link to your Terms of Use
Description NDD Deezer Scripts

Next is a description of the variables that you will be manipulating:

Variable Description
access_code the intermediate code required to get the OAuth access token
access_token the OAuth access token granting permissions to change the playlist
app_id the ID of your Deezer application available on its page
app_secret the secret of your Deezer application available on its page
playlist_id the ID of the playlist you want to add the tracks to
redirect_uri the value of the Redirect URL after authentication field of your Deezer application
track_ids the comma separated IDs of the tracks to add

These variables will be noted ${my_variable} or <my_variable>.

Replace the variables in the following URL and paste it in your browser:${app_id}&redirect_uri=${redirect_uri}&perms=manage_library

This will redirect you to some URL like<access_code>.

Note the access code and use it to get the access token:${app_id}&code=${access_code}&secret=${app_secret}

This will display something like access_token=<access_token>&expires=3600.

Note the access token and use it to add tracks to your playlist:${playlist_id}/tracks?access_token=${access_token}&request_method=post&songs=${track_ids}