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The Vivino Scraper delves deep into the intricate details of each wine, pulling out essential facts such as alcohol content, regional data, and winery information. It doesn't stop there; the scraper also gathers valuable insights from reviews and provides a detailed taste profile.

Shipping Country


Select shipping to country. This might effect the number of results.

Value options:

"AF": string"AX": string"AL": string"DZ": string"AS": string"AD": string"AO": string"AI": string"AQ": string"AG": string"AR": string"AM": string"AW": string"AU": string"AT": string"AZ": string"BS": string"BH": string"BD": string"BB": string"BY": string"BE": string"BZ": string"BJ": string"BM": string"BT": string"BO": string"BQ": string"BA": string"BW": string"BV": string"BR": string"IO": string"BN": string"BG": string"BF": string"BI": string"KH": string"CM": string"CA": string"CV": string"KY": string"CF": string"TD": string"CL": string"CN": string"CX": string"CC": string"CO": string"KM": string"CG": string"CD": string"CK": string"CR": string"CI": string"HR": string"CU": string"CW": string"CY": string"CZ": string"DK": string"DJ": string"DM": string"DO": string"EC": string"EG": string"SV": string"GQ": string"ER": string"EE": string"ET": string"FK": string"FO": string"FJ": string"FI": string"FR": string"GF": string"PF": string"TF": string"GA": string"GM": string"GE": string"DE": string"GH": string"GI": string"GR": string"GL": string"GD": string"GP": string"GU": string"GT": string"GG": string"GN": string"GW": string"GY": string"HT": string"HM": string"VA": string"HN": string"HK": string"HU": string"IS": string"IN": string"ID": string"IR": string"IQ": string"IE": string"IM": string"IL": string"IT": string"JM": string"JP": string"JE": string"JO": string"KZ": string"KE": string"KI": string"KP": string"KR": string"KW": string"KG": string"LA": string"LV": string"LB": string"LS": string"LR": string"LY": string"LI": string"LT": string"LU": string"MO": string"MK": string"MG": string"MW": string"MY": string"MV": string"ML": string"MT": string"MH": string"MQ": string"MR": string"MU": string"YT": string"MX": string"FM": string"MD": string"MC": string"MN": string"ME": string"MS": string"MA": string"MZ": string"MM": string"NA": string"NR": string"NP": string"NL": string"NC": string"NZ": string"NI": string"NE": string"NG": string"NU": string"NF": string"MP": string"NO": string"OM": string"PK": string"PW": string"PS": string"PA": string"PG": string"PY": string"PE": string"PH": string"PN": string"PL": string"PT": string"PR": string"QA": string"RE": string"RO": string"RU": string"RW": string"BL": string"SH": string"KN": string"LC": string"MF": string"PM": string"VC": string"WS": string"SM": string"ST": string"SA": string"SN": string"RS": string"SC": string"SL": string"SG": string"SX": string"SK": string"SI": string"SB": string"SO": string"ZA": string"GS": string"ES": string"LK": string"SD": string"SR": string"SS": string"SJ": string"SZ": string"SE": string"CH": string"SY": string"TW": string"TJ": string"TZ": string"TH": string"TL": string"TG": string"TK": string"TO": string"TT": string"TN": string"TR": string"TM": string"TC": string"TV": string"UG": string"UA": string"AE": string"GB": string"US": string"UM": string"UY": string"UZ": string"VU": string"VE": string"VN": string"VG": string"VI": string"WF": string"YE": string"ZM": string"ZW": string

Default value of this property is "US"

Minimum Price


The minimum price in set currency that a wine must have to be included in the results.

Default value of this property is 0

Maximum Price


The maximum price in set currency that a wine can have to be included in the results. Set this to limit the search to wines below a certain price.

Default value of this property is 20000



Currency to use when filtering on price.

Value options:

"USD": string"EUR": string

Default value of this property is "USD"

Min Review Rating


The minimum average user rating that a wine must have to be included in the results. Ratings are based on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Set this to filter out wines with ratings below the specified threshold.

Default value of this property is 1

Wine Types


Select wine based on type, like Red Wine, White Wine ...

Wine Countries


Select wine from countries

Maximum Number of Wine Products


Specifies the maximum number of wines to be downloaded by the crawler. This limit helps to control resource usage and ensures efficient data retrieval within the defined scope, all wines is sorted by reviews (best at top). Set the limit to 999999 to get all results.

Default value of this property is 10

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