Scraping with Apify

Scraping and crawling the web can be difficult and time consuming without the right tools. That's why Apify provides ready-made solutions to crawl and scrape any website. They are based on our Actor product and the Apify SDK.

Web Scraper

Web Scraper is a ready-made solution for scraping the web using the Chrome browser. It takes away all the work necessary to set up a browser for crawling, controls the browser automatically and produces machine readable results in several common formats.

Underneath, it uses the Puppeteer library to control the browser, but you don't need to worry about that. Using a simple web UI and a little of basic JavaScript, you can tweak it to serve almost any scraping need.

Visit the Web Scraper tutorial to get started!

Legacy PhantomJS Crawler

Legacy PhantomJS Crawler is the actor compatible with an original Apify Crawler that you may have known. It supports the same input and produces the same output. But it uses legacy technology and if you're starting a new project, we recommend using our other solutions that run on the Apify Actor platform and use Chrome as the browser instead, such as Web Scraper above.

Visit Legacy PhantomJS Crawler in library.