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This act search on stackoverflow site for definied query and send them to your slack channel. Example of input: { "searchStrings": ["created:1d apify","created:1d crawler javascript"], "slackBotToken": "dhU6k07zhfFhBk0Kh" } Easy slack bot set up: - Go to and click on Create Slack app - Set up App name and slack channel as workspace - Go to your created app then go to Bot Users and set up name for your slack bot - Go to OAuth & Permissions and copy your OAuth Access Token and put in into input of this act (slackBotToken)

To run the actor, you'll need an Apify account. Simply create a new task for the actor by clicking the green button above, modify the actor input configuration, click Run and get your results.


To run the actor from your code, send a HTTP POST request to the following API endpoint:<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

The POST payload including its Content-Type header is passed as INPUT to the actor (usually application/json). The actor is started with the default options; you can override them using various URL query parameters.

To use the API, you'll need to replace <YOUR_API_TOKEN> with the API token of your Apify account (view here).

For more information, view the list of actor's API endpoints or the full API reference.

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