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Firestore import

It imports data from Apify dataset to Firestore DB.


It can be used from any Apify actor or task webhook, even from Legacy PhantomJS Crawler task Finish webhook URL.

Webhook URL:<yourApifyApiToken>

Actor/Task webhook

Set up a webhook with following payload template:

{ "datasetId": {{resource.defaultDatasetId}}, "apiKey": "<firestoreApiKey>", "authDomain": "<firestoreAuthDomain>", "projectId": "<firestoreProjectId>", "collectionName": "<firestoreCollectionName>" }


You can call with following options.

await'drobnikj/firestore-import', { "datasetId": "<datasetId>", "apiKey": "<firestoreApiKey>", "authDomain": "<firestoreAuthDomain>", "projectId": "<firestoreProjectId>", "collectionName": "<firestoreCollectionName>" })

Legacy PhantomJS Crawler task with Finish webhook URL

Set up Finish webhook data with the following JSON object:

{ "apiKey": "<firestoreApiKey>", "authDomain": "<firestoreAuthDomain>", "projectId": "<firestoreProjectId>", "collectionName": "<firestoreCollectionName>" }
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