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Zillow Fastest Scraper

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You have to Enter Region and state as input and it will get properties which were created or updated last 48 hours

Free trial for 10 days

Then $30.00/month

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Zillow Fastest Scraper

Free trial for 10 days

Then $30.00/month

Welcome to Fastest Zilow Scraper

Scrape real estate data from Zillow to discover new properties, compare prices, predict market trends, and more from the Zillow property listing page. Scrape millions of listings and download your data as HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and RSS feed.


Collect data periodically Gets only last 48 hours data Covers 15+ distinct data points for each property Download real estate listings from the Zillow search results page. Just provide the Zillow search results URLs to extract property listings, and the scraper will get you the updated real estate data from Zillow in a spreadsheet.

Schedule crawlers hourly, daily, or weekly to get updated property listings on your Dropbox.

My list will include

URL of Listing Image URL of Listing Price of Listing Area of Property No. of Bedrooms & Bathrooms and other info of Property Address (Street, City, Zip Code) of Property Type (For Sale, For-closures) of Property Time Duration (Post On Zillow Time) of Property Listing Agent First & Last Name and Contact Number Listing Agency Email Address not at any additional cost Owner Contact Number (If Given)