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Google Play Reviews Scraper


Scrapes Google Play Store app user reviews and downloads them to a dataset, including name, date, and text information. Input the URL or ID of the app and get details for all reviews.

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Google Play Reviews Scraper

Apify actor to download application reviews from Google Play Store. The actor creates dataset called "Google-play-reviews-applicationName" containing name, date, rating and text of each review.


The following table shows specification of the actor INPUT fields as defined by its input schema.

Field Type Description
appUrl String Application url on google play
appId String Application id on google play - in url address after 'id='
limit Integer (required) Number of reviews to be scraped. Maximum is set to 4000.

How to run

To run the actor, you'll need an Apify account. Simply create a new task for the actor by clicking the green button above, modify the actor input configuration, click Run and get your results. Please, note that the runtime may vary depending on the time-period. For longer runs, the actor timeout must be increased in your settings.


To run the actor from your code, send a HTTP POST request to the following API endpoint:<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

CU usage

Depends on number of reviews needed - approximatelly 0.006 CU per 100 reviews.


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