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Broken Links Checker


Crawls a website and finds broken links. Unlike other similar SEO analysis tools, the actor also reports broken URL #fragments. The results are stored in a JSON and HTML report.

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Broken Links Checker

This actor finds broken links on a website. But unlike other SEO auditing tools, it also find broken URL #fragments.

The actors starts at a given URL and recursively crawls all linked pages under that website. For example, if the crawler starts at

then it also crawls linked pages like:

On every page, the crawler analyses whether links to other pages are working or not. For example, if the page contains a link to:

The actor opens the page

and checks whether the page loads correctly and then it also checks that it contains the #anchor. That means the page contains either

<a name="anchor"></a>

or some HTML element with id anchor:

<div id="anchor>

Once the crawler finishes, it stores a report of the broken links to the key-value store. There are two files:

  • OUTPUT contains a JSON report
  • OUTPUT.html contains a HTML report