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[DEPRECATED]Crawl Manager


This actor runs a list of Apify Crawlers in an optimal manner, i.e. it runs as many of them in parallel as possible.


Apify act for running a list of crawlers in an optimal manner.

This act takes a list of crawlers and runs them in parallel. It always tries to run as many of the crawlers as possible, until all of them are finished. You can limit the maximum number of crawlers running in parallel.


Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    // maximum number of crawlers running in parallel
    "parallel": N_OF_RUNNING,

    // final webhook
    "finalWebhook": FINAL_WEBHOOK,

    //list of crawlers
    "crawlers": [
            "id": CRAWLER_ID,
            "settings": CRAWLER_SETTINGS

If you set the "finalWebhook" attribute, when all of the crawlers finish a POST request will be sent to the "finalWebhook" URL. The body of the request will be as follows:

    //list of finished executions
    "executionIds": [

This JSON will also be saved as the act's OUTPUT value.