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Extract data about homes from Zillow website without API and download into Excel, CSV or JSON.


Apify actor for extracting data about homes from

This actor extracts home info from The way it works is by recursively splitting the map 4 ways to overcome the limit of 500 results per search. To limit the number of outputted results, you can set the maximum depth of the 4-way split zooms. This is done using the maxLevel attrubite.

In order for the actor to work correctly, you need to use only start URLs containing the map coordinates. For example, something like this is fine:,-118.3882,34.10118,-118.446565_rect/13_zm/

Input attributes

Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    "startUrls": START_URL_ARRAY,
    "proxyConfig": APIFY_PROXY_CONFIG,
    "maxLevel": MAX_ZOOM_SPLIT_DEPTH,
    "showFacts": INCLUDE_FACTS_ARRAY,
    "liveView": ENABE_LIVE_VIEW
  • startUrls is the only required attribute. This an array of start URLs. It should look like this:
    "startUrls": [
  • proxyConfig define Apify proxy configuration, it should respect this format:
    "proxyConfig": {
      "useApifyProxy": true,
      "apifyProxyGroups": [
  • maxLevel sets the maximum depth of the 4-way split zooms.
  • showFacts sets if the facts array will be added to each result.
  • liveView sets if Apify live view will be enabled.
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