Apify Proxy

Sometimes you need a helping hand from other IP addresses.

IP address rotation

Seamless integration with the Apify platform

Are you building your own actor?

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HTTPS support.svg

HTTPS support

Health monitoring.svg

Health monitoring

Single endpoint.svg

Single endpoint

Traffic statistics.svg

Traffic statistics

Custom geolocation.svg

Custom geolocation

Fixed IP sessions.svg

Fixed IP sessions

Proxies offered by Apify

Shared datacenter IPs.svg

datacenter IPs

Dedicated datacenter IPs.svg

datacenter IPs

Residential IPs.svg

Residential IPs

Google SERPs.svg

Google SERPs

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up Apify Proxy?

How do I change the settings of Apify Proxy?

Can I use Apify Proxy outside of the Apify platform?

Can I use Apify Proxy in a web browser?

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