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Dubizzle.Com Real Estate Scraper

Dubizzle.Com Real Estate Scraper

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1 day trial then $95.00/month - No credit card required now

Dubizzle is the leading classifieds platform in the United Arab Emirates. Dubizzle.Com Real Estate Scraper is specially made for hundred thousands of real estate in UAE. Custom solution is available, just drop us an email!

What does Dubizzle Scraper do?

Dubizzle Scraper for real estate allows you to scrape any properties from chosen urls from dubizzle.com. Here are main functionalities:

  1. Extract all Dubizzle sale/rent/off-plan properties data from chosen urls
  2. Extract all Dubizzle sale/rent/off-plan properties data the last X days from now from chosen urls
  3. Extract any Dubizzle individual sale/rent/off-plan properties
  4. Export any Dubizzle properties data in many formats, also easy to integrate with your own external systems within minutes


Full input sample:

2    "start_urls": [{
3            "url": "https://dubai.dubizzle.com/property-for-rent/residential/"
4        },
5        {
6            "url": "https://abudhabi.dubizzle.com/en/property-for-rent/residential/"
7        }
8    ],
9    "scrape_day_limit": 1,
10     "property_urls": "https://rak.dubizzle.com/property-for-sale/residential/townhouse/2024/6/13/stunning-4-bhk-townhouse-for-sale-11-867/,https://other-dubizzle-property-url"

Note: Due to Dubizzle limitation at 80k search results (2286 pages), in order to scrape all properties, you should enter multiple urls with sub-search criteria.

  • scrape_day_limitif this data is set, only properties within the lastscrape_day_limit days from now with search criteria start_urls will be scraped. To remove this limit, remove this scrape_day_limitfrom input
  • property_urlsIf you just want to get only specific properties corresponding to provided urls, then setup value for this input, delimiter ","
  • proxy_settings To avoid getting blocked, setup proxy for running scraper, delimiter ",". i.e. http://username:password@hostname:port,http://auto:apify_proxy_EaAFg6CFhc4eKk54Q1HbGDEiUTrk480uZv03@proxy.apify.com:8000

Note: It's important to setup proxy to avoid getting blocked by Dubizzle.I am currently using PacketStream for my other scrapers, and would recommend it for their pricing and quality is quite good. Use my link for both to get bonus https://packetstream.io/?psr=5xWZ


Full output sample:

2   "external_url":"https://abudhabi.dubizzle.com/property-for-sale/residential/apartment/2024/6/14/mall-and-community-view-fully-furnished-3-202/",
3   "listing_id":14597222,
4   "title":"Mall and Community View - Fully Furnished!",
5   "address":"UAE, Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Yas Golf Collection",
6   "location":{
7      "lat":24.485340512682,
8      "lng":54.59725613182
9   },
10   "operation":"property-for-sale",
11   "property_type":"property-for-sale residential apartment",
12   "rent_frequency":null,
13   "size":471,
14   "price":800000,
15   "bedrooms":0,
16   "bathrooms":1,
17   "completion_status":"off_plan",
18   "photos":[
19      "https://dbz-images.dubizzle.com/images/2024/06/14/428aa3aa-bc99-4d5a-8257-df79086c1afc/062ca0252b6a4b35930095f53dd15261-.jpg?impolicy=dpv",
20      "https://dbz-images.dubizzle.com/images/2024/06/14/428aa3aa-bc99-4d5a-8257-df79086c1afc/b8edfa1176824459aac9703ca10a6990-.jpg?impolicy=dpv","etc"
21   ],
22   "amenities":[
23      "Maids Room",
24      "Central A/C & Heating",
25      "Balcony",
26      "Private Garden",
27      "Double Glazed Windows",
28      "Day Care Center",
29      "Electricity Backup",
30      "First Aid Medical Center",
31      "Laundry Room",
32      "Broadband Internet",
33      "Satellite / Cable TV",
34      "etc"
35   ],
36   "description":"Indulge in a resort-style atmosphere that permeates throughout the community, where every detail has been carefully curated to elevate your living experience. Whether you're a sports enthusiast eager to partake in major global events or a traveler seeking convenient access to Abu Dhabi's main airport, Yas Golf Collection Residences caters to your every need. <br><br>etc<br>",
37   "reference_code":"678",
38   "furnishing_status":"Unfurnished",
39   "trakheesis_validation_url":null,
40   "permit_number":null,
41   "rera_registration_number":null,
42   "listed_at":"1718383968",
43   "is_verified": false,
44   "developer":"Aldar",
45   "off_plan_completion_percentage":null,
46   "agency":{
47      "logo":"https://dbz-images.dubizzle.com/profiles/property_agency/Advisor_properties.png?impolicy=agency",
48      "name":"O H Advisors Properties L.L.C."
49   },
50   "agent":{
51      "name":"Ammar Suhail Ahmad Yousef",
52      "profile_url":"https://dubai.dubizzle.com/en/property-agents/ammar-yousef-11011",
53      "profile_photo":"https://dbz-images.dubizzle.com/profiles/agent_profile/2024/06/16/ae76dc079a3942b1895f1261d68143b7-.jpg?impolicy=agent",
54      "email":"info@oh-advisors.com",
55      "phone_number": null,
56      "mobile_number": null,
57      "whatsapp": null,
58   }

Delisting properties

This feature requires to run full scraped. If the properties don't appear in the last full scraped run, then those properties have been delisted.

Note: This full run will be time consuming, cost consuming, so you'll need to well-scheduled based on your need.

We are working on lightweight delisting scraper, status will be updated here

Custom solution

If this ready made scraper does not match your need or you need to scrape other websites, please contact us at: realspidery@gmail.com, we will make a custom build just for you

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