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COVID-19 Czech Individuals Data (cs_CZ)


Cleaned, smaller and human-readable API with Czech Individuals Data from regional hygiene stations (KHS) in the Czech language.

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COVID-19 Czech Individuals Data (cs_CZ)

Cleaned original .json from Czech Ministry of Health.

Data Source

More info at Open Datasets.

Either make your fork or use the latest data:


  • smaller (337 vs 8 kB)
  • human-readable Language: Czech


API is being updated every 30 minutes.

JSON Schema


Key Description
data Check Data below
lastUpdatedAtSource The last update at source API
lastUpdatedAtApify The last update at Apify



"2020-02-29":[[20,"žena","Itálie","Hlavní město Praha"],…]

Data Schema

date data in the format: [age, sex, source, region]
2020-02-29 [[20,"žena","Itálie","Hlavní město Praha"],…]

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