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How does Google Search Results Scraper work?

streamline_icon_input_64x64_1_bdef10a0db_990ce2eba3.svgYou set these
Google search queries URLs
streamline_icon_output_64x64_1_f9859f1931_0eb4645b70.svgYou get all of these
organic and paid results ads queries People Also Ask prices reviewsand more...

How much does Google Search Results Scraper cost?

Expected number of results per month


Estimated monthly cost$5 *Recommended planpersonal

* Final price might vary based on your platform usage. Learn more

Why scrape Google SERPs?

Scrape Google SERPs for SEO

Search engine optimization

Scrape Google SERPs for market trends analysis

Market trends analysis

Scrape Google SERPs for competitor monitoring

Competitor monitoring

Scrape Google SERPs to create customer personas

Creating customer personas

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