Contact Information Scraper


Extracts contact information from websites, including emails, phone numbers, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles. The actor supports both list of URLs and recursive crawling of websites.

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Contact Information Scraper


This crawler lets you scrape contact information from entire domains. After you supply the start URL (eg, the crawler will retrieve any:

  • Phone numbers
  • Emails
  • Facebook accounts
  • Twitter handles
  • LinkedIn accounts
  • Instagram handles

it finds on the website and all its pages. As such, this crawler is useful for mining contact information of organizations and online services.

Input Settings

The crawler lets you specify:

  • How deep it should crawl into a website's links.
  • Whether it should crawl only within the root domain.
  • Whether it should crawl HTML frames.
  • Whether it should use a proxy.
  • The maximum number of pages it should crawl.


The crawler stores the results in a dataset, which can be exported into JSON, HTML, XML, RSS, CSV or Excel. Here is an example JSON output:

  "url": "",
  "domain": "",
  "depth": 2,
  "referrerUrl": "",
  "emails": [
  "phones": [],
  "phonesUncertain": [
  "linkedIns": [],
  "twitters": [],
  "instagrams": [],
  "facebooks": [