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Not seeing "profilePicUrlHD" ins some Runs


spr123 opened this issue
2 months ago

I don't understand your response, as I already mentioned some runs are showing this when the settings are exactly the same. I have this set to 1 and profilePicUrlHD is showing.

Even if I am putting this to 1, it should still show the "profilePicUrlHD" right ?

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Hi! In input form "What do you want to scrape from each page?" should be "Scrape details" but in your run its "Scrape posts". Alternatively you can change json input "resultsType": "posts" to "resultsType": "details"

If you scraping posts dataset contains post details, not profile details. If you want both post and profile details, set json input value addParentData": true

Sorry for confusion, support manager will be online in approx 8 hours and will provide more clear explanation if mine is not clear enough

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