Apify Proxy

Universal HTTP proxy for web scraping and crawling. Combines datacenter and residential IP addresses for optimal balance

Apify Proxy is a complete HTTP proxy solution for all your web scraping, data extraction and robot automation needs. The service provides access to Apify's pool of residential and datacenter IP addresses, and lets you find the right balance between performance and cost. Apify Proxy monitors the health of the IP pool and smartly rotates addresses to prevent detection of your robots.


Combines datacenter and residential IPs

Apify Proxy provides access to both residential and datacenter IP addresses. Datacenter IPs are fast and cheap, but they can get blocked by target websites. Residential IPs are more expensive and cannot be blocked. Apify Proxy lets you select the optimal balance between datacenter and residential IPs for your solution. Pay as you go with no upfront commitment.

Intelligent proxy rotation

The IP addresses in the pool are smartly rotated to avoid detection of your bots. Apify Proxy uses machine learning to select the optimal IP address for the specific target website. Dead or burned IPs are automatically removed from the pool to prevent errors. Longer sessions over a single IP address are also supported.

Google Search scraping

Apify Proxy lets you download and extract data from Google Search engine result pages (SERPs). You can select country and language to get localized results. Pay as you go with no upfront commitment, or reserve dedicated IPs for a longer period with predictable workloads. Use one of the Google search actors from the Apify library to quickly get started.


Single endpoint

Apify Proxy is accessible on a single hostname, which makes it easy to use from any HTTP proxy-enabled application.

HTTPS and websockets

Securely access websites protected with SSL/TLS encryption without the need to install any insecure self-signed certificates.

Automatic monitoring

Apify Proxy periodically checks that all the IP addresses are working with selected target websites and removes them from the pool if not.

Detailed traffic statistics

View detailed information about which domains and websites were accessed by the proxy and how much data was downloaded.

Custom geolocation

Select arbitrary country for residential IP addresses, in order to obtain a country-specific versions of target websites.

Fixed IP-address sessions

Let the proxy retain the same IP address for a longer period of time, for example when performing operations on a website after login.

Buy Apify Proxy

Rent datacenter IP addresses from a pool shared with other users. This is the most cost-effective option for many target websites, although there is a chance the IPs might be blocked due to the activity of other users. Note that there is a data transfer limit of 5GB per IP address.

Monthly price


per IP address

Choose the right balance between cost and performance. Any questions? Contact support@apify.com

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