Apify Proxy

Improve the performance of your web scrapers by smartly rotating datacenter and residential IP addresses.

Sometimes you need a helping hand from other IP addresses.

Proxies not only prevent blocking but also let you access content, which can vary based on your location.

Combine that with intelligent proxy rotation and take your scraping to the next level.

IP address rotation

Every scraping request is assigned a different IP, which lowers the chance of your activity being tracked or getting blocked. Our addresses are checked regularly, with dead or burned proxies automatically removed from the pool, ensuring healthy and reliable scraping sessions.


Seamless integration with the Apify platform

Proxies are an integral part of Apify platform’s ecosystem and are easy to set up and use by any Actors. You can easily track your proxy sessions to monitor your usage and spending.

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Are you building your own Actor?

You can use the Apify SDK to quickly configure and use proxies both locally or within the Apify platform.

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HTTPS support.svg
HTTPS support

Securely access websites protected with SSL/TLS encryption without installing self-signed certificates.

Health monitoring.svg
Health monitoring

Apify Proxy periodically checks that all the IP addresses are working on selected target websites to reduce error rates.

Single endpoint.svg
Single endpoint

Access Apify Proxy on a single hostname, which makes it easy to use from any HTTP proxy-enabled application.

Traffic statistics.svg
Traffic statistics

Easily track which domains and websites were accessed by the proxy and how much data was downloaded.

Custom geolocation.svg
Custom geolocation

Select arbitrary countries for residential IP addresses in order to obtain country-specific versions of target websites.

Fixed IP sessions.svg
Fixed IP sessions

Retain the same IP address for long periods of time, for example, to perform operations after login.

Proxies offered by Apify

Additional charges for data transfer apply.

Shared datacenter IPs.svg
Shared datacenter IPs

Datacenter IP addresses shared with other users. They represent the most cost-effective option for many websites, although there is a chance of IP-blocking due to the activity of other users. Included in all plans by default.

From $0.6 per IP

Dedicated datacenter IPs.svg
datacenter IPs

Dedicated datacenter IP addresses are not shared with other users. You have full control of the traffic over these IPs, resulting in a predictable blocking and crawling rate. Dedicated datacenter IPs are available on request.

From $7 per IP

Residential IPs.svg
Residential IPs

Download your data over IP addresses located in homes and offices of people all around the world. These IPs have the lowest chance of getting blocked and have the best geographical coverage.

From $8 per GB

Google SERPs.svg
Google SERPs

Download Google Search engine or Google Shopping result pages using our specialised service. Select this proxy when using a supported actor. Pricing depends on the number of successfully processed requests.

From $1.9 per 1,000 SERPs

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up Apify Proxy?

When using scrapers from Apify Store, proxies are generally set to Automatic by default, with no further configuration necessary. If you’re building an actor with the Apify SDK and would like to implement Apify Proxy, you need to add the ProxyConfiguration class into your code.

How do I change the settings of Apify Proxy?

Settings can be changed through Apify Console, where you can adjust parameters such as the type of proxy and its location. You can also input the URL of a custom proxy via the “Own proxies” tab.

Can I use Apify Proxy outside of the Apify platform?

Our free plan lets you use proxies within Apify Console. To use Apify Proxy externally, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Using proxy servers is legal, as is web scraping. You just need to make sure not to scrape data that is protected by copyright or contains sensitive information such as personal data.

Can I use Apify Proxy in a web browser?

If you have a paid plan, you can use our proxy for browsing the web or testing the target websites you would like to scrape. Simply install a proxy browser extension and input the Apify Proxy configuration.

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