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Apify believes in encouraging startups to grow by making use of online data at scale. So we're giving a special 30% discount on our Business plan to startups

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Grow your startup with the 1,500+ ready-made tools (Actors) available on Apify Store. Just search for an Actor to scrape specific website data and use it for sentiment analysis, market research, price comparison, product development, and much more

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Web Scraper


Crawls arbitrary websites using the Chrome browser and extracts data from pages using a provided JavaScript code. The actor supports both recursive crawling and lists of URLs and automatically manages concurrency for maximum performance. This is Apify's basic tool for web crawling and scraping.

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Google Maps Scraper


Extract data from hundreds of Google Maps locations and businesses. Get Google Maps data including reviews, images, contact info, opening hours, location, popular times, prices & more. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs, or integrate with other tools.

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Instagram Scraper


Scrape and download Instagram posts, profiles, places, hashtags, photos, and comments. Get data from Instagram using one or more Instagram URLs or search queries. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

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Twitter Scraper


Scrape tweets from any Twitter user profile. Top Twitter API alternative to scrape Twitter hashtags, threads, replies, followers, images, videos, statistics, and Twitter history. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

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TikTok Scraper


Extract data from TikTok videos, hashtags, and users. Use URLs or search queries to scrape TikTok profiles, hashtags, posts, URLs, shares, followers, hearts, names, video, and music-related data. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

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Amazon Product Scraper


Use this Amazon scraper to collect data based on URL and country from the Amazon website. Extract product information without using the Amazon API, including reviews, prices, descriptions, and Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Download data in various structured formats.

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Apify Integrations

Automate your startup workflow by connecting multiple tools and easily create integrations in the form of integration-ready Actors!

How do I sign up for the discount?


Fill out the form

First, create an Apify account with your company email and then fill out the form below. Please note that discounts are only available for startups that meet certain criteria.


Wait for Apify鈥檚 response

Our team will review your application. Give us time for this step! If we find your startup's use case compelling, we'll reach out to you. We might even jump on a call to make sure you have everything you need.


Make the most of your discount!

Once we've decided on the terms of your platform usage, we'll modify your Apify account so that you can extract data at a reduced rate.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

Startups that have raised up to USD 5 million in funding, including Series A.

Can I use the discount if I鈥檓 a solo founder?

The startup discount is available to any registered business entity, including solo founders, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in our terms and conditions.

Are there any restrictions on the type of business that can apply for the startup discount?

While most startups are eligible, we might apply some restrictions based on industry or business model.

How long will I be able to use my discount?

You can enjoy the discount for 6 months, with the possibility of an extension to 12 months if you really need it. You can request an extension up to 1 month before expiry.

What level of support will I recieve?

Community support through Discord, 1 hour per month of priority chat, and 1 hour per month with a dedicated account manager who will personally handle your requests and help you get the most value out of Apify.

When will I know if the discount is approved?

We typically reply within 5 business days.

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