Apify Actors

Actors are serverless cloud programs that run on the Apify platform and do computing jobs. They are called Actors because, like human actors, they perform actions based on a script.


Run locally or in the cloud

Long-running serverless jobs

Apify Actors can perform time-consuming jobs that are longer than the lifespan of a single HTTP transaction.

Publish your Actor

Join hundreds of developers who share their Actors on Apify Store and earn money from coding.

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Auto-generated user interface

Actors can easily define a user interface for their input configuration. Take advantage of lower-level features and settings, or run Actors using our API.

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Host code anywhere

Edit your code on our platform, fetch from a Git repository, or push from your machine.

Docker support

Actors run inside Docker containers on Apify servers. Use a custom Dockerfile.

Ready for scale

Run as many Actors as you need. The Apify platform provisions the necessary resources.

Custom memory and CPU

Assign each Actor any RAM volume needed. CPU share is allocated automatically.

Command-line tool

Develop and test your Actors locally, push them to the Apify platform when you're ready.


View and download logs to debug your code and monitor performance on production.

Actorize your Scrapy spiders

Deploy your Scrapy code to the cloud with just a few commands. Turn your Scrapy projects into Actors, run, schedule, monitor and monetize them.

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Compute units

Usage of Actors is charged based on compute units. An Actor running with 1 GB of memory for one hour consumes 1 compute unit.

Not sure how many CUs you need? No problem - we have a free plan and hundreds of ready-made Actors on /store for you to test with. That should give you a sense of which plan to choose.

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