Apify for Universities

We hope to see future generations take advantage of the vast amount of data available online. That’s why we’re offering a 30% discount on our paid plans to students of accredited educational institutions.

Start scraping right away

There are hundreds of ready-made tools (Actors) available on Apify Store. You can search for an Actor that scrapes specific website data needed for your research or use universal web scrapers that require some CSS knowledge.

Are you a developer?

You can also use your own code and run it on our platform to automate your workflow in the cloud and integrate it with other services. Get started with building Actors for our platform at Apify Docs.


Apply data to your field

Data extracted with Apify web scrapers can be used in a wide range of research and industries. For instance, Apify’s Google Maps Scraper has been used to map bakeries in Paris and calculate the walkability of a city.

How do I signup for the discount?


Fill out the form

First, create an Apify account with your university email and then fill out the form on this page. Note that you are only eligible for a discount for one semester if it concerns a university project such as a thesis or diploma research.


Wait for Apify’s response

If we think your use case is relevant to your studies, we will get back to you. We might even jump on a call to fill in any gaps.


Make the most of your discount!

After deciding on the terms of your platform usage, we will modify your account so that you can extract data for your project at a reduced cost.

We provide data to leading academic institutions

Get your discount now

Fill out this form to apply for your student discount.
In case you have any questions, contact us at hello@apify.com

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the discount if I’m a lecturer?

The Apify for Universities discount is not limited to students and is applicable to any researcher with an edu e-mail address.

Can I also use an ISIC card to verify my student status?

Your university e-mail should be enough to verify your student status, but in case you don't have access to it or prefer communication via your regular e-mail address, an ISIC card will suffice.

How long will I be able to use my discount?

You will be able to use your discount for as long as you're working on your project, with one semester (four months) being the maximum.

What level of support will I recieve?

The level of support depends on the plan to which you apply your discount. For instance, with the Personal plan, you'll get e-mail support from Apify engineers.

Can I get a discount if I'm still in high school?

If you're a high school (or secondary school) student, you're also eligible for an education discount. Just make sure to put your high school in the University name field. Note that we will contact you to verify your student status.