About Apify

We’re building the world’s best cloud platform for developing and running web scraping solutions.

Founded in 2015

Apify was launched by Jan Čurn and Jakub Balada in 2015 from the Y Combinator Fellowship in Mountain View, California. The original idea was to make it easy for developers to build flexible and scalable web crawlers simply using front-end JavaScript, thanks to the back-then new headless browser technology.

Built with ❤️ and 🍺 in Prague

In 2016, the team moved back to the Czech Republic, raised a seed investment, and started building a company around its product. Soon it became obvious that customers’ use cases need more than a simple JavaScript crawler, so we committed to building the most flexible full-stack platform for web scraping and browser automation.

Our mission

We make the web more programmable, to let people automate mundane tasks on the web and spend their time on things that matter. We strive to keep the web open as a public good and a basic right for everyone, regardless of the way you want to use it, as its creators intended.

4,000+Customers worldwide
4 B+Web pages crawled monthly
2,000+Ready-made Actors in Store


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