Monetize your code

Publish your web scrapers as paid Actors on the Apify platform, attract people who need these solutions, and get regular passive income!

Earn passive income from your scrapers

Watch a recording from our monetization webinar and see how you can get paid by publishing your code in the form of an Actor on Apify Store.

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$100k+Paid out monthly
200 +Community devs
800 +Community Actors

Build an Actor in minutes

With web scraping code templates, the code base of the Actor is done for you, saving you time and effort with optimizing your solution for our platform. You can also import your code from any Git repository or directly from your local system using Apify CLI.

Introducing Creator plan

Creator plan is designed for developers who use the Apify platform to build their own Actors. For just $1/month, you get $500 of platform usage for the first 6 months, so that you can run and test your actors without compromise.

4 simple steps to monetize your code


Create an account

To get access to Apify Console, create an Apify account. It’s free and you get $5 of platform credits every month, which should be enough to help you test your Actors.


Build your Actor

Bring your code over to Apify or build something new directly on our platform (get inspired by Apify ideas). Make sure you fill out the readme and other relevant fields.

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Request monetization

In the Publication menu, go to the Monetization tab. You can decide if you want your Actor to be free or paid via a monthly rental. You have complete control over the price of the rental, which will be sent to you every month.

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Learn more about monetization on Apify Academy →


Start earning!

After your request has been processed, you’ll start earning based on how many users subscribe to your solution. In the meantime, fine-tune your readme to help your SEO and share your Actor with the world on your social media and other networks. Start earning_v2.svg

Run your Scrapy spiders on Apify

Deploy your Scrapy code to the cloud with just a few commands. Turn your Scrapy projects into Actors and monetize them.

Join our growing developer community

An experienced programmer shares his thoughts on the way his collaboration with Apify went from being an Apify freelancer to participating in our Actor monetization programme.

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"This January, I've reached a professional milestone by making over $3.5K with Apify's paid actors program 🚀 As both a freelancer and a software engineer of 15+ years, I’d choose Apify over all the other options."


Apify freelancer

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"Working with Apify has been a blast! They're always quick to help, super flexible, and really get what I'm trying to do. With their support, I've taken a simple concept and turned it into a money-making web scraper. They've got my back when it comes to publishing and answering questions. Being part of Apify feels like having a powerhouse team behind me, helping me turn ideas into real cash and aiding others to pull data they need. Can't recommend them enough!"

Jonathan Larson, Developer
Jonathan Larson


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"Apify helps users to extract data from websites that do not have a REST API, automate tasks that involve interacting with web pages, and scale up web scraping and automation projects with cloud infrastructure and proxies. Users can save time and money by using pre-existing actors in Apify Store or building their own with open-source tools. They can also get reliable and structured data from any website without getting blocked, connect to hundreds of apps with ready-made integrations or custom webhooks and API, and share their actors with other developers and earn money."

Muhammad Azlan


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"The ease of creating Actors on Apify isn't just limited to the initial setup. The platform continues to impress during subsequent stages as well. Once the Actor is crafted, the process of deploying it is seamless, ensuring that my code runs efficiently without the need for extensive configurations. This convenience drastically reduces the time and effort required to get a scraping or automation task up and running."

Abdurrachman M., Software Engineer
Abdurrachman M.

Software Engineer

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These companies could be your customers

Frequently asked questions

Why should I develop on Apify?

Apify was built by developers, for developers. Developing on Apify can help you gain passive income simply by publishing your code in a form of an Actor to Apify Store. We will help you find customers, promote your Actor, take care of scaling, computing and all the other technicalities so you don't have to worry about infrastructure. Read the blog post from our CEO Jan Čurn that talks about why we launched this initiative.

Where can I ask other Apify developers for advice?

Our Discord is the perfect place for discussing anything Apify-related. You can talk to other developers or even become a freelancer and offer custom solutions to customers!

What Actor should I build?

Our ideas page can be a great source of inspiration! Users can publish or upvote their ideas until a developer takes ownership and turns the idea into a full-fledged Actor. If you are interested in building one of these Actors, send us an email to so we can reserve it for you.

What if an Actor I want to build already exists in Store?

Apify Store is just like any other marketplace. We believe that competition helps developers thrive and improve upon their code, especially when there are similar scrapers on the horizon! So, you can still build the Actor, but try to be imaginative when it comes to its set of features.

What are the terms and conditions of the Paid Actor initiative?

You can find the full terms and conditions you'd need to agree to when publishing your Paid Actor here

Start developing on Apify now!