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Why work at Apify?

We build software tools and cloud infrastructure that helps individuals, startups, and the world鈥檚 largest companies leverage the full potential of the web鈥攖he largest source of information ever created in the history of humankind. Join Apify to help them succeed and shape the future of the web.

At heart, we鈥檙e hackers who always find a way forward, even if it doesn't look like there is one. We work with talented colleagues in a friendly, inspiring, and no-bullshit environment. We respect people's time and don鈥檛 like wasting it. We ask for forgiveness, not permission. We are fun. We're building the company that we always wanted to work for.

How we work

Our values

Although we no longer fit into one room, we act as if we were in one.


Just like our platform, we鈥檙e open towards each other, our community, new ideas, and feedback.


We focus on goals with the highest impact and get them done. Each of us can initiate and lead change.


We respect our decisions, deliver on commitments, own our mistakes, and learn from them.


We will always find a way while staying true to our core principles.


We encourage mutual trust and support while remaining humble.


Attractive compensation

We strive to pay above market, have a profit-sharing scheme, performance bonuses, and offer stock options to share the company鈥檚 future success.

Flexible working hours and vacation

We look at the output of work, not the input. Nobody tracks how long you work, when, and from where. We don鈥檛 count paid days off鈥攑eople usually take 25 days per year.

Cool office in the heart of Prague

Apify is based in a newly renovated loft in the Lucerna Palace. Our office is pet-, bicycle-, and gamer-friendly, featuring ping-pong, PS5, foosball, a sound system, and more.

Unforgettable events

87% of Apifiers say our company team-buildings, offsites, and parties are legendary 馃槑 In our office, we regularly host engaging public meetups, talks, and conferences.

Food for the body and mind

We offer free lunches for people in the office, regular team breakfasts, and Eat&Learn sessions. Our office has an unlimited supply of fruits, snacks, good coffee, and beer.

Many perks

Our generous hardware and education budget will keep you at the top of your game. We offer Multisport cards, yoga classes, free entrance to Prague Zoo, and other perks.

Office tour

Take a virtual tour of our office in the Lucerna Palace with Apify's founder and CEO Jan 膶urn.

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