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Our community is always looking for new Actor ideas and platforms to connect them to. Upvote the ideas below or submit your own! If you’re a developer interested in bringing an idea to life, send us a message with the URL of the idea along with your Apify Console username to

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Discord Website Generator

Automatically generate a static website from a Discord forum, to make the content available for the public and search engines. Make it easier for …

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scrapy cloud runner.png

Scrapy Cloud Runner

Run Scrapy spiders in the cloud via Apify:

Host your Scrapy spiders written in Python on the Apify platform. Automate, schedule, an…


Trello Backup Bot

Take ownership of your information and never lose data from Trello. Download all the information you have in Trello and save it in a useful dataset…


Unused Slack Channels Archiver

Automatically archive unused Slack channels to keep your team's Slack nice and tidy. Schedule the actor to run every week or month. Tip: Can be buil…

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Integration for n8n

Add a native connector to n8n, the workflow automation for technical people, and thus expand the n8n ecosystem with web scrapers and data extractors.

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