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Issues to access to the downloaded video


natural_narcisis opened this issue
17 days ago

Hello, appreciate the feedback but seems i can't directly reply you there im opening a new thread in an attempt to follow up on your reply.

I'm wondering where and how could i get to find the key-value store link? i can't seems to find the access to this in output table/ json. Million thanks again!

i checked the download video option and it came back with a list including the link to the original video, which after clicking it shows either i do not have access, or the video just wont load up (just like this one here: https://v16-webapp-prime.us.tiktok.com/video/tos/useast5/tos-useast5-pve-0068-tx/51877e4990ed4d25ae5d6b04b704d025/?a=1988&bti=NDU3ZjAwOg%3D%3D&ch=0&cr=3&dr=0&lr=unwatermarked&cd=0%7C0%7C0%7C&cv=1&br=1616&bt=808&cs=0&ds=6&ft=4KJMyMzm8Zmo066gh-4jVhMrdpWrKsd.&mime_type=video_mp4&qs=0&rc=OGU8NTU1N2c4N2U6MzlmZkBpMzlvanV1bXJycjMzNTczM0A0YDM1YmJfXjIxLzQxNGJgYSNwZDZgbG5eNGdfLS0vMTZzcw%3D%3D&btag=e00088000&expire=1715016320&l=202405041725036B029E2D7C54521E310D&ply_type=2&policy=2&signature=ec8eabbdd7a95dea2248503ca745389e&tk=tt_chain_token). would appreciate if you could advise what i could do there, many thanks!

user Lukáš Křivka (lukaskrivka)

11 hours ago Hello,

The scraper keeps the original URL but there is also the downloaded one which links to Apify KV Store, e.g. this one

"downloadAddr": "https://api.apify.com/v2/key-value-stores/A2ibnEQbFqzdWONHq/records/video-7321501601687014699", "coverUrl": "https://api.apify.com/v2/key-value-stores/A2ibnEQbFqzdWONHq/records/cover-7321501601687014699",

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Hi! The v16-.... urls generally don't work. I've taken a look at one of your runs and highlighted on the screenshot how to get to the actual download link . They start with api.apify.com/...

Let me know if that helps

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