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Powerful tools to let you monitor investments or sentiment, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance.

Web scraping for finance has the potential to disrupt the financial services industry with data from the web.

The availability of financial data on the web has opened up new possibilities, providing the inputs needed to predict trends, make better investment decisions, automate buying and selling, make arbitrage trades, and build new fintech products.

How fast is the world moving around us?

The newest wave of fintech is already using big data to give them an extra edge over both traditional financial institutions and older fintech companies. Data lets them predict customer behavior, carry out complex risk assessments and tailor their services to an unprecedented degree.

We use the Apify platform on a daily basis not only across our commercial projects but across investment opportunities and internal projects as well. Some team members even use it for the simplification of their daily tasks. Basically, whenever we need to gather and work with data, we reach out to Apify.

Lea Petrášová

Chief Executive Officer, TopMonks

Providing actionable data to leading fintech companies and banks

How web scraping and web automation are redefining the finance industry

Price monitoring

Monitor price changes for stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, bonds, or bank products on the websites of your choice at scale. Streamline the monitoring of prices and interest rates to adjust your own pricing strategy and optimize your performance.

Risk mitigation

Know when there are impending emergencies, such as freak weather, flooding, or Elon Musk tweeting, that could unexpectedly impact value. Get real-time alerts on the first suggestion of unusual patterns from social media, news websites, or meteorological agencies.

Monitor rating changes

Track influential rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Moody’s, and Finch for rating changes and the latest news to stay ahead of emerging trends and protect your investment. Collect other information that correlates with prices such as the Corruption Perceptions Index or other indices for market analysis, machine learning or new product development.

Web automation for arbitrages

Make faster trades and maximize profits by fueling your algo-trading with data from the web. Optimize your trading strategy and get notified when the price or other criteria for your selected financial instruments change.

Get a custom scraper for your finance project

    • Outsource the development of your web scraping project to the biggest experts in the field.
    • Extract data exactly when you need it by setting up a custom scheduler.
    • Streamline the monitoring of your target websites, trading platforms, and fintech products and leave the maintenance and support to us.
    • Get high-quality data from web scraping in your preferred format (JSON, CVS, XLS, HTML) and already structured for further processing.
    • Automatically upload data via ready-made integrations or APIs for your existing tools to eliminate the risk of human error.

Data is the new gold - get the data you need to secure your financial future

2  "geo": "US",
3  "date": "2021-06-02T00:00:00.000Z",
4  "query": "New Mexico special election",
5  "articles": [
6    {
7      "url": "",
8      "image": {
9        "source": "CNN",
10        "newsUrl": "",
11        "imageUrl": ""
12      },
13      "title": "Why Democrats *really* needed that New Mexico special election ...",
14      "source": "CNN",
15      "snippet": "Unless you're a MAJOR political junkie, you likely missed that there was a special election to fill an open New Mexico congressional seat on Tuesday night.",
16      "timeAgo": "11h ago"
17    },
18    {
19      "url": "",
20      "image": {
21        "source": "ABC News",
22        "newsUrl": "",
23        "imageUrl": ""
24      },
25      "title": "Blowout in New Mexico special election a hopeful sign for Democrats",
26      "source": "ABC News",
27      "snippet": "Democrat Melanie Stansbury won the special election in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District on Tuesday night, cinching a landslide victory for her party.",
28      "timeAgo": "14h ago"
29    },
30    {
31      "url": "",
32      "image": {
33        "source": "Fox News",
34        "newsUrl": "",
35        "imageUrl": ""
36      },
37      "title": "New Mexico special election results: Democrats' big win in blue ...",
38      "source": "Fox News",
39      "snippet": "State Rep. Melanie Stansbury, the Democratic candidate in a much-watched special election for a vacant House seat in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, ...",
40      "timeAgo": "15h ago"
41    },
42    {
43      "url": "",
44      "image": {
45        "source": "MSNBC",
46        "newsUrl": "",
47        "imageUrl": ""
48      },
49      "title": "Why the Dem's big win in New Mexico's special election matters",
50      "source": "MSNBC",
51      "snippet": "Republicans saw New Mexico's congressional special election as an opportunity to test a specific message ahead of the 2022 races. That test failed.",
52      "timeAgo": "21h ago"
53    },
54    {
55      "url": "",
56      "image": {
57        "source": "Slate Magazine",
58        "newsUrl": "",
59        "imageUrl": ""
60      },
61      "title": "Is a Democratic Landslide in New Mexico's Congressional Special ...",
62      "source": "Slate Magazine",
63      "snippet": "Is a Democratic Landslide in New Mexico's Congressional Special Election a Sign? · Subscribe to the Slatest Newsletter.",
64      "timeAgo": "20h ago"
65    },
66    {
67      "url": "",
68      "image": {
69        "source": "Spectrum News NY1",
70        "newsUrl": "",
71        "imageUrl": ""
72      },
73      "title": "Democrat Melanie Stansbury wins New Mexico special House ...",
74      "source": "Spectrum News NY1",
75      "snippet": "Democrat Melanie Stansbury won election to Congress for New Mexico on Tuesday with a campaign closely tied to initiatives of the Biden administration.",
76      "timeAgo": "22h ago"
77    },
78    {
79      "url": "",
80      "image": {
81        "source": "New York Magazine",
82        "newsUrl": "",
83        "imageUrl": ""
84      },
85      "title": "Democrat Wins Big in New Mexico Special Congressional Election",
86      "source": "New York Magazine",
87      "snippet": "In a New Mexico special election to replace Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, Democrat Melanie Stansbury easily defeated Republican Mark Moores and his ...",
88      "timeAgo": "17h ago"
89    }
90  ],
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Why do fintech companies choose Apify?


Whatever your unique needs might be, there is no limit to what Apify can provide when it comes to web automation and data extraction. We believe that there is always a solution.


The Apify team will set up your solution and make sure it remains up and running. We make sure you get data you can rely on so you can make the right decisions.


Your solution can adjust as you grow and data can be extracted at scale. Millions of pages can be scraped, and TBs of data can be transferred as often as you need it.

The world of finance is changing fast - data gives you the edge you need to stay ahead