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Content Checker


Monitor a website or web page for content changes. Automatically saves before and after screenshots and sends an email notification when content changes are detected.

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Content Checker


This actor enables you to monitor content on any web page and sends an email notification with before and after screenshots whenever any content changes. You can use this to create your own watchdog for prices, product updates, sales, competitors, or any content that you want to keep an eye on.

Technically, it extracts text by selector and compares it with the previous run. If there is any change, it runs another actor to send an email notification, save, and send screenshots.


Read this ( blog post for more ideas and a step-by-step tutorial on how to set it up.


The actor needs a URL, content selector, and email address. A screenshot selector can also be defined or, if not defined, the content selector is used for the screenshot.

Field Type Description Example Mandatory
url String URL to check yes
contentSelector String Monitored area selector .mb2-lg .flex yes
screenshotSelector String Screenshot selector .col-full.block-lg .flex no
sendNotificationTo String Email address yes
sendNotificationText String Notification Text Follow instructions in company wiki for updating the database no
proxy Object Proxy Configuration { "useApifyProxy": true } no
navigationTimeout Number Navigation Timeout in milliseconds 30000 no


Once the actor finishes, it will update content and screenshot in a named key-value store associated with the actor/task.

If the content changed, another actor is called to send an email notification.

Here's an example of an email notification with previous data, changed data, and two screenshots: