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GPT AI Assistant

GPT AI Assistant

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7 days trial then $7.00/month - No credit card required now

Bulk generate, shortlist, categorise, assign scores, extract information and perform many other operations on your dataset using GPT AI Model. Multiply the potential of ChatGPT with this awesome AI Assistant

Introducing our Apify actor that empowers your dataset with the magic of AI! This tool takes the data you already have and, with a help of AI, amplifies it to give you more insights, possibilities, and actions.

How Does It Work?

  1. Feed in your dataset.
  2. For every row or item, our actor communicates with the AI, guided by your special prompts or instructions.
  3. The AI then generates additional data, forming new columns or fields.
  4. These new insights are blended seamlessly with your original data.

When to Use This Actor?

Use this when you believe an AI can work wonders on your dataset.

Use cases

  • Email Personalization: Generate personalized emails or Ice breakers for cold email campaigns targeting list of prospects
  • Content Repurpose: Rewrite articles, tweets, linkedin posts in bulk
  • Information Extraction: Extract names, company names, skills, interests, topics, keywords from chunks of text
  • Decision making: Ask AI to review data in bulk and make certain decisions such as include/exclude, shortlisting, categorising
  • Assigning scores: Ask AI to assign score to each row in the list based on certain criteria
  • Fillig missing data: Use AI to generate missing data based on available data. For eg, predict interests from person's bio
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  • Created in Jul 2023
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