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Scrape github profiles to extract developers emails and social media links. Find people who starred a repository to convert them into leads

How it works

Here is the sample output of this actor:

2	"fullName": "kdf_7",
3	"username": "Kekkodf",
4	"pronouns": "",
5	"bio": "Cybersecurity student at Unipd",
6	"followersCount": "12",
7	"followingCount": "32",
8	"location": "Padova",
9	"email": "<scraped email hidden>",
10	"companyName": "",
11	"timezoneOffset": "",
12	"website": "",
13	"avatar": "",
14	"achievements": [
15		"Achievement: Pull Shark",
16		"Achievement: Pull Shark"
17	],
18	"contributionsLastYear": "253",
19	"highlights": [
20		"Pro"
21	],
22	"readme": "Kdf_7 GitHub \n    \n      \n        \n        \n        \n        \n        \n      \n  \n    whoami\n  馃憢 Hi, I鈥檓 Francesco, but my friends call me kdf_7.\n    \n    馃憖 I'm interested in:\n    \n      Cybersecurity 馃捇  \n      Differential Privacy 馃懆鈥嶐煉籠n      Social Network Analysis 馃惁\n      Machine & Deep Learning 馃摉\n    \n    馃摎 I've taken my bachelor degree in Mathemathics at Universit脿 degli Studi di Trieste, @Units, in Italy. Now, I'm currently attending the Master Degree in Cybersecurity at Universit脿 degli Studi di Padova, @Unipd, in Italy.\n     How to reach me? \n    Just send me an email at or contact me on my social.",
23	"twitterUrl": "",
24	"instagramUrl": "",
25	"linkedinUrl": ""
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