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It crawls more reviews than shown


thehoster opened this issue
6 months ago

Recently I ran the actor for this hotel that has approximately 7,000 reviews, but the actor brought me more than 10,000.

UPDATE: I have checked locally the data and those extra reviews are duplicated, and that is extra cost for the crawler, I hope you can solve it

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Hi TheHoster, thanks for reporting this issue! Happy to inform you, that we've found the bug and it should now be resolved ;) Also thanks to this we've also fixed another bug. The default value for last review date was 2005-01-01 (was too little), which for your hotel meant missing out on almost 20 reviews...

As a sorry we've decided to refund you the cost of this run in free credits ;) Note that has not decremented your used credits, these are free credits to be used before the end of your billing cycle. In your case that is tomorrow... Understandably we will move the free credits to the next cycle if you won't be able to use them today :)

Try out the fixed version and let me know how it works, thanks!

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