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Zillow Detail Scraper

Zillow Detail Scraper

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Get details of Zillow properties from URLs. This Actor can be easily integrated with other Zillow Scrapers.

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Uncaught Exception Zillow Detail Scraper


land-stats opened this issue
6 months ago

There was an uncaught exception during the run of the Actor and it was not handled.

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Hi, I checked your failed runs - the issue is that you're trying to connect this Detail Scraper, which expects some specific dataset format, to output of your custom scraper, which has the data in a different structure. Zillow ZIP Search is currently the only Actor that we ensure to be compatible, but we're working on a more general search scraper to be published soon. If you want to provide compatible output from your own scraper, each dataset item should have at least these two fields:

detailUrl: full Zillow URL to the property detail, for example https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/17-Zelma-Dr-Greenville-SC-29617/11026031_zpid/ or https://www.zillow.com/apartments/shoreline-wa/ion-town-center/9VXYC7/ statusType: currently known values provided by Zillow are RECENTLY_SOLD, SOLD, FOR_SALE, FOR_RENT

I hope this helps, and thanks for the report - I'll update the Actor to provide more detailed error message in such case, and provide a bit more documentation on interoperability.

Also, a short note: for next time when you report issues to public Actors, please remember to share a link to the failed runs, so that developers without admin access can investigate the issue as well.

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