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Zillow Detail Scraper

Zillow Detail Scraper

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Get details of Zillow properties from URLs. This Actor can be easily integrated with other Zillow Scrapers.

2024-04-22 (0.0.33)


  • Added field addressOrUrlFromInput to help you match output items with your input. Possible values:
    • address string that you used in input.addresses (e.g. 363 Washington Ave APT 64, Miami Beach, FL 33139)
    • URL of the property from input.startUrls (e.g. https://www.zillow.com/homes/363-Washington-Ave-.num.64-Miami-Beach,-FL-33139_rb/43904854_zpid/)
    • dataset index + URL (e.g. dataset#0: https://www.zillow.com/homes/363-Washington-Ave-.num.64-Miami-Beach,-FL-33139_rb/43904854_zpid/ - this means that this input URL was the first item (= index 0) in the dataset specified by searchResultsDatasetId)
  • The Actor now marks every output item with boolean isValid field
  • Added new output items that inform about invalid search addresses. They look something like this:
2  "invalidReason": "Invalid address or Zillow has no data for this address",
3  "isValid": false,
4  "addressOrUrlFromInput": "123456789 Washington Ave",
5  "scrapedAt": "2024-04-22T13:57:28.613Z"

Current possible reasons for invalid items:

  • "Best search result is not an exact address (this is probably a region, ZIP code or similar)"
  • "Invalid address or Zillow has no data for this address"

2024-04-02 (0.0.32)


  • If you input many addresses to search, the Actor starts producing first results sooner. This fixes the Low number of results detected error.

2024-03-18 (0.0.28)


  • Addresses where Zillow has no data are no longer considered a failed request. This fixes the High number of failed requests error.

2024-01-29 (0.0.27)

New Features

  • Allow scraping by address

2023-12-07 (0.0.17)


  • Fixed: Zillow changed code for properties For Sale, which caused these requests to fail.

2023-09-18 (0.0.13)


  • Set fixed Actor memory to 4 GB - this value provides optimal performance and cost.
  • Removed proxy and maximum request retries configuration from input, to improve UX and shift the responsibility for these settings to the Actor maintainer.

2023-07-20 (0.0.7)


2023-07-07 (0.0.6)


  • Fixed: Actor was failing with Failed to find variants URL due to Zillow website changes

2023-06-26 (0.0.5)


  • New field in output: scrapedAt - exact timestamp when data about the given detail was


  • Removed Zillow internal fields (e.g. topNavJson) to significantly reduce the size of the output

2023-06-16 (0.0.4)


  • Fixed: actor was crashing when too many properties were in the Search scraper results dataset

2023-06-14 (0.0.1)

Initial release

Maintained by Apify
Actor metrics
  • 56 monthly users
  • 99.8% runs succeeded
  • 8.3 days response time
  • Created in Jun 2023
  • Modified 26 days ago