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Tiktok captcha solver

Tiktok captcha solver

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Pay $2.00 for 1,000 solves

TikTok captcha solver API. Automatically solved captcha types: Puzzle (slider), objects matching (3d), Rotating (whirl)

What does Tiktok captcha solver do?

This solver helps to bypass any tiktok captcha on any platform. You don't even need to know the type of captcha. The API automatically recognizes the captcha type.

Available captcha types:

  • Puzzle (slider)
  • Objects matching (3d)
  • Rotating (whirl)

Available platforms:

  • Browser website (Selenium, BAS, Zennoposter etc.)
  • Mobile app (Selenium)
  • Any kind of automation using GET/POST requests

Why use Tiktok captcha solver?

You will save a huge amount of your time. Any other solvers will only give you coordinates where to click or move the picture. In my solver you only need to pass a few identifiers and the captcha will be solved without your participation.

How much will it cost to solve tiktok captcha?

Apify provides you with $5 free usage credits to use every month on the Apify Free plan and you can solve up to 2500 captchas from this Tiktok captcha solver for those credits. So 2500 solves will be completely free!

But if you need to solve more or to solve captcha regularly you should grab an Apify subscription. We recommend our $49/month Starter plan - you can solve up to 25000 Tiktok captchas every month with the $49 monthly plan! Or 250000 with the $499 Scale plan - wow!

How to solve tiktok captcha?

1. If you are using a browser or browser-based tiktok api

To solve WEB browser api captcha you need to pass: device_id, verFP, platform, geo.

If you are using a web browser for work, you need to close the captcha window and click on the button again or if the captcha appears when you visit pages, it is enough to refresh the page.

  1. device_id

You can find it in the source code, example below.


It can also be found in cookies

  • Run urldecode on cookie tea_cache_tokens_1988 and after user_unique_id: will be device_id
  1. verFP

You can find it in the s_v_web_id cookie

  1. platform: windows, mac, android, ios
  2. geo - This is the region of your device_id and proxy.
  • us - for countries: US, PR
  • ru - for countries: RU
  • eu - for countries: at, be, bg, ch, cy, cz, de, dk, ee, fi, fr, gb, gr, hr, hu, ie, it, lt, lu, lv, mt, nl, no, pl, pt, re, ro, se, si, sk
  • ww - for all different countries

2. If you are using a mobile app or app-based tiktok api

To solve Mobile api captcha you need to pass: device_id, install_id, host.

If you are using a mobile app for work, you need to close the captcha window and click on the button again.

If you know where the captcha will appear you can call the captcha solution before it appears, then it won't even appear. For example, when you sign up for an account

  1. device_id & install_id

If you use api you know these identifiers, and if you use mobile app Selenium automation, then in the application folder tiktok in the folder shared_prefs will be files and depending on the version of tiktok in some files you can find it.

For example: /data/data/com.zhiliaoapp.musically/shared_prefs/applog_stats.xml

  1. host

Host is the domain of the captcha. Since for different geos, api versions, regions domains are different and can change at any time, and there are quite a lot of them. That鈥檚 why I decided to put it on the developer. After all, he knows what domain is used in his implementation, having scanned api requests.

Use your device_id and install_id for the test. Because if they do not match the captcha domain, it will not be solved! You will get an error.

A small list of domains known to me:

  • rc-verification-sg.tiktokv.com
  • rc-verification-i18n.tiktokv.com
  • verification-sg.tiktokv.com
  • verification-i18n.tiktokv.com
  • verification-va-useast2a.tiktokv.com
  • verification-va.tiktokv.com
  • verification.us.tiktokv.com
  • verification16-normal-c-useast1a.tiktokv.com
  • verification16-normal-c-useast2a.tiktokv.com
  • verification16-platform-useast5.us.tiktokv.com
  • verification16-platform-ycru.tiktokv.com
  • verification16-tmp-normal-useast1a.tiktokv.com
  • verify-ru.tiktokv.com
  • verify-sg.tiktokv.com

In most cases for the Asian region: verification-sg.tiktokv.com

In most cases for the Europe region: verification-i18n.tiktokv.com

For USA region: verification.us.tiktokv.com

For all different countries: verification-va.tiktokv.com

but you have to test and find your verification domain.

Output response

You will get:

  • Solved status: true, false
  • Status code: 200, 400
  • If status code 400 then you will have extra field error
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