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Upload datasets and KV store records to Google cloud storage

Google cloud platform storage uploader

Actor allowing upload of both datasets and Key-value store records to the GCP Storage.



The service account key in a JSON format. You can generate this key in the Google Cloud console for each service account.


Name of the bucket data will be uploaded to.

Dataset upload inputs:

  • dataset ID - ID of the dataset to be uploaded
  • fileName - the name of uploaded file, if not specified, the ID will be used

Key-value store records upload inputs:

  • key value store ID - ID of the store to upload records from
  • kvStoreRegex - if provided, only records with keys matching this regex will be uploaded to the storage
  • transformFileNameFunction - javascript function, allowing transformation of the records key in the storage. The function takes one parameter - the records key and should return the new name.
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  • Created in Jan 2024
  • Modified 2 months ago