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Metadata/description for the columns extracted in the scraped data


decent_ladder opened this issue
2 months ago

Hi, this isn't particularly an issue but an enquiry as I wasn't able to find this information elsewhere. I just scraped some places data and their reviews, and exported the scraped data. There are some columns in the exported data that I don't understand what they do represent. For eg: popularTimesHistogram/Fr/3/hour and popularTimesHistogram/Fr/3/occupancyPercent The name popularTimesHistogram/Fr/3/occupancyPercent suggests the the percentage of occupancy or how busy the location is at a specific hour on Friday. But what do the values in the column popularTimesHistogram/Fr/3/hour mean?

Moreover is there a metadata file that goes along with my exported data or a support page that tells me what each column in my data means?


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Hi, thank you for the question. This is just a flat representation of popularTimesHistogram. We store it as a JSON (see bellow). When you export the data into a table, we need to flatten all the nested values inside the JSON. For example, a flattened version of the example JSON bellow would be:

  • popularTimesHistogram/Mo/0/hour: 6
  • popularTimesHistogram/Mo/0/occupancyPercent: 0
  • popularTimesHistogram/Mo/1/hour: 7
  • popularTimesHistogram/Mo/1/occupancyPercent: 0
1"popularTimesHistogram": {
2    "Mo": [
3      {
4        "hour": 6,
5        "occupancyPercent": 0
6      },
7      {
8        "hour": 7,
9        "occupancyPercent": 0
10      },
11     ....

So the 3 in popularTimesHistogram/Fr/3/occupancyPercent doesn't represent an hour, it's just an index (3rd entry on Friday). The hour is stored in popularTimesHistogram/Fr/3/hour column.

At the moment we have only readme with JSON examples. We try to name the fields so that they are self-explanatory. Take a look at those and if anything in the readme is confusing/not clear, please, let us know and we'll update it.

I'm gonna close this now but feel free to reopen in case you have any more questions.

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