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Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator
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Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator

Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator

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Run multiple locations and search terms together with parallel runs for maximum speed.

Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator is a useful actor for running large-scale scrapes with Google Maps Scraper. It enhances the scraper with these features:

  • The orchestrator accepts a list of locations (optionally with common prefix)
  • It splits the workload into separate scraper runs to maximally utilize your Apify account memory for maximum speed
  • It deduplicates and joins the results into a single dataset

Use this scraper only if you need these advanced features. Otherwise, use the Google Maps Scraper instead for more convenient setup.

How to run

  1. Open Google Maps Scraper and set up its input
  2. Save the input as a new task (top-right button Create new task) - configure everything except location there
  3. Copy the created task ID (task ID is part of the page URL, e.g. from copy AhTAAhthrgvXST4pI)
  4. Open the Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator (this input) - paste in the task ID and add a list of locations
  5. Start the orchestrator. It will continue starting Google Maps Scraper runs until it processes all your inputs. Then it merges the results and stores them in its default dataset.
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Actor metrics
  • 11 monthly users
  • 22.2% runs succeeded
  • 5.8 hours response time
  • Created in Sep 2023
  • Modified 10 days ago