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Extract data from hundreds of Google Maps locations and businesses. Get Google Maps data including reviews, images, contact info, opening hours, location, popular times, prices & more. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs, or integrate with other tools.

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searching in a circle radius


mikelberger opened this issue
a month ago

When crawling and limiting results to a 200 miles radius I got this error.

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try to use this:

1"customGeolocation": {
2    "type": "Point",
3    "coordinates": [
4      -86.895513,
5      40.4192919
6    ],
7    "radiusKm": 321.869
8  },

The coordinates need to be two numbers ([-86.895513, 40.4192919]), not a string ("40.4192919,-86.895513"). Also, if you copy the coordinates from Google Maps, you need to swap them because Google Maps use different format. You can use to check your geolocation.

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