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Extract data from any website and feed it into GPT via the OpenAI API. Use ChatGPT to proofread content, analyze sentiment, summarize reviews, extract contact details, and much more.

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Not able to scrape with a scraper?


maroon_herb opened this issue
10 months ago

So, I have a GPT-4 key and using it I get this result: Apologies, but as of the current AI model's capabilities, it is unable to visit and analyze websites or extract data dynamically from them just yet. However, I can help with translating, structuring, and categorizing data that you already have. The model also does not support the Swedish language fluently at the moment. For direct from website extraction, it is recommended to use a custom script or an online service focused on web scraping.

Using the exact same input with source and instructions for "GPT Scraper" works, but I would like to be able to use my own API-key and upgrade to GPT-4.

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Hey Markus,

it looks that the model has a problem that you put as start URLs the link to your remote file with links you want to scrape. You need to Link remote text file as start URLs, than scraper will scraper each page and run prompt on them.

Have a nice day!

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