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Extract all reviews of Google Maps places using place URLs. Get review text, published date, response from owner, review URL, and reviewer's details. Download scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

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Google base locale


chwistophe opened this issue
2 years ago

Hello there,

Would it be possible to support the scrapping base locale as an input parameter? I noticed that you're using hl=enas scrapping parameter on the Google Maps url, which is a bit limiting when most of your reviews are not written in English. Activating/deactivating automated translation is not so suitable when your main language is NOT English as most reviews would get auto-translated.

Suppose the following case :

  • The Maps profile is based in Italy, in a touristy place.
  • 60% of reviews are written in Italian, 25% English, 10% French, 5% Spanish

With auto-translation,

  • 75% of your scrapped reviews would be "polluted" (as translation is not so accurate tbh) with the "(Auto Translated) .." because of hl=en
  • 25% would not be tagged as Auto Translated

Without auto-translation,

  • You'd lose 40% of the content of your reviews if you're an Italian reader

With hl=it+ auto-translation on,

  • You'd enjoy the 60% in a native-written way
  • You'd get a not-so-accurate but still understandable 40%

Allowing hl=it when scrapping would just allow us, users, to decide which locale we want to prioritize.

Cheers 🙏, Christophe

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Thanks a ton for a detailed feedback, we will fix this soon!

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Hello Christophe,

I am sorry for the late reply. Please check it now.

Cheers, Jan

-- Jan Zenisek Head of Product [image: Apify] +420 775 616 433 LinkedIn | We're hiring

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2 years ago

Hey Jan, Lukas,

Your support is greatly appreciated! I'll test the feature asap. Cheers

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