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Google Search Reviews Scraper

Google Search Reviews Scraper

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7 days trial then $10.00/month - No credit card required now

Handy actor to scrape Google reviews from the search results page

How does this actor work?

  • By providing your search queries, this actor scrapes Google reviews directly from its search results page.

How is this different to Google Maps Reviews Scraper

  • Different to Google Maps Reviews Scraper as this actor scrapes the reviews from search results page instead of Google Map page, which is convenient in situations where you would like to input query strings instead of Google Map urls.

Example Use Cases

  • Feedback monitoring
  • Product/Market analysis
  • Growth Hack


  • Easy to use, just input your query strings and get their Google reviews
  • Collects all reviews and automatically converts relative time (e.g. "A week ago") into unix timestamp format.


  • This actor is limited to scraping all reviews given query strings.
  • Therefore, for advanced usages such as review translation, sorting, limiting number of reviews scraped, and to scrape using Google Map urls directly, please visit Google Maps Reviews Scraper
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  • Created in Oct 2022
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