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Easy Zoot Data Scraper
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Easy Zoot Data Scraper

Easy Zoot Data Scraper

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3 days trial then $9.99/month - No credit card required now

Effortlessly extract critical product data from Zoot, the top Czech fashion retailer. Use Zoot Scraper to pull details like prices, sizes, brands, and more, enhancing your e-commerce analysis. Compatible with CZ, SK, and RO domains: zoot.cz, zoot.sk, zoot.ro.

The code examples below show how to run the Actor and get its results. To run the code, you need to have an Apify account. Replace <YOUR_API_TOKEN> in the code with your API token, which you can find under Settings > Integrations in Apify Console. Learn more




1from apify_client import ApifyClient
3# Initialize the ApifyClient with your Apify API token
4client = ApifyClient("<YOUR_API_TOKEN>")
6# Prepare the Actor input
7run_input = {
8    "startUrls": [
9        "https://www.zoot.cz/katalog/17504/zeny",
10        "https://www.zoot.cz/katalog/17572/muzi",
11        "https://www.zoot.cz/vse-pro-deti",
12    ],
13    "maxItems": 100,
14    "proxyConfiguration": { "useApifyProxy": True },
17# Run the Actor and wait for it to finish
18run = client.actor("dainty_screw/easy-zoot-data-scraper").call(run_input=run_input)
20# Fetch and print Actor results from the run's dataset (if there are any)
21print("💾 Check your data here: https://console.apify.com/storage/datasets/" + run["defaultDatasetId"])
22for item in client.dataset(run["defaultDatasetId"]).iterate_items():
23    print(item)
25# 📚 Want to learn more 📖? Go to → https://docs.apify.com/api/client/python/docs/quick-start
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