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Easy Zoot Data Scraper
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Easy Zoot Data Scraper

Easy Zoot Data Scraper

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3 days trial then $9.99/month - No credit card required now

Effortlessly extract critical product data from Zoot, the top Czech fashion retailer. Use Zoot Scraper to pull details like prices, sizes, brands, and more, enhancing your e-commerce analysis. Compatible with CZ, SK, and RO domains: zoot.cz, zoot.sk, zoot.ro.

1# CodeMaster Zoot Scraper
3## Overview
5The CodeMaster Zoot Scraper is an advanced tool designed to automate data extraction from Zoot, a leading fashion retail website in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania. This scraper allows users to efficiently harvest detailed product information, streamlining market research and competitive analysis.
7## Features
9- **Custom Product Queries**: Input specific product URLs or search criteria to extract data directly from Zoot's product pages.
10- **Comprehensive Data Extraction**: Gather key product details such as name, brand, price, sizes, and more.
11- **Highly Configurable**: Adjust scraper settings to handle dynamic site content or to wait for specific elements before extraction begins.
13## Getting Started
15Configure the scraper with URLs or search criteria, and customize settings to suit your data needs:
17### Example Input
21    "urls": [
22        "https://www.zoot.cz/polozka/3123456/elegant-dress"
23    ],
24    "waitForSelector": ".product-description"

Example Output

2    "id": "3123456",
3    "url": "https://www.zoot.cz/polozka/3123456/elegant-dress",
4    "name": "Elegant Dress",
5    "brand": "Trendy Brand",
6    "price": "2 500 K膷",
7    "sizesAvailable": ["XS", "S", "M"],
8    "description": "Elegant evening dress perfect for special occasions.",
9    "images": [
10        "https://image.zoot.cz/example/dress_front_3123456.jpeg",
11        "https://image.zoot.cz/example/dress_back_3123456.jpeg"
12    ],
13    "categoryPath": ["Home", "Women", "Dresses", "Evening Dresses"]


Seamlessly integrate scraped data with your systems using Apify SDK or connect through popular platforms like Zapier for automation.

Support and Updates

For support inquiries, feature requests, or updates, please reach out through our dedicated channels.

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Harness the power of web scraping to enhance your business strategy with the CodeMaster Zoot Scraper. Start extracting valuable fashion retail data today!

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