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Scrape whole cities or extract data from hundreds of Airbnb rentals in seconds. Extract host information, addresses, locations, prices, availability, stars, reviews, images, and host/guest details for free. Download scraped data in various formats including HTML, JSON and Excel.

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Some Fields Missing


DirectTrip opened this issue
18 days ago

I want to include some additional fields that I don't see in the scraping tool, such as the number of beds, baths, bedrooms, etc. Also, I need the amenities data.

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15 days ago


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6 days ago

OP, all this data exists in the export if you have the run settings correct. Here is my procedure and know that it pulls all information. I export all fields to CSV (creates a gigantic file) and have had a python process developed to load it into my database.

Use build 0.0.60 Destination: LEAVE BLANK Number of results: LEAVE BLANK Keep the data set Excel friendly: toggle OFF Airbnb places: UPLOAD RTF Include reviews: toggle OFF Number of reviews: 0 Availability for next months: 0 Include host info: toggle ON Locale: LEAVE BLANK Currency: USD Minimum price: LEAVE BLANK Maximum price: LEAVE BLANK Check-in date (YYYY-MM-DD): LEAVE BLANK Check-out date (YYYY-MM-DD): LEAVE BLANK Residential Proxy, United States Max concurrency: 50 Limit points: 100 Timeout milliseconds: 300000 Debug Log: toggle OFF Build: 0.0.60 [make sure it鈥檚 0.0.60] Timeout: 604800 Memory: 4096 [could likely turn this up]

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Thank you giant crab for the help, i will close this issue

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