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Scrape whole cities or extract data from hundreds of Airbnb rentals in seconds. Extract host information, addresses, locations, prices, availability, stars, reviews, images, and host/guest details for free. Download scraped data in various formats including HTML, JSON and Excel.


  • Fixed integer overflow on listing IDs


  • Save "Airbnb service fee" as serviceFee in the output instead of guestFee under pricing.totalPrice object.


  • Updated actor to version 3


  • Added isAvailable to output, which is true if the listing is available for the given dates.
  • Now the pricing object is always present in the output, even if the listing is not available for the given dates.


  • Added isDiscounted, rateDescription, originalDisplayedPrice, and originalDisplayedPriceFormatted to rate object in the output.
  • Added totalPriceBreakdown, and discountInfo to output.


  • Add displayedPrice, displayedPriceFormatted, and rateBreakdown to output.
  • Allow luxury listings to be scraped.


  • Fixed issue where pricing was not being scraped correctly when provided with checkInDate and checkOutDate


  • Added photos, primaryHost, additionalHosts, and isHostedBySuperhost to output (examples in the
  • Improved the viewing experience of the output tab
  • Updated price collection, where it's always empty (when checkIn or checkOut are not provided)
  • Updated the example in the
  • Fixed hostUrl, which was using the Vietnamese website


  • Fixed home detail id mismatch (request URL vs API response)


  • Fixed circular dependency error
  • Fixed error with default min/max prices and empty pricing
  • Prioritized home detail requests to retrieve the results sooner


  • Fixed pricing extraction
  • Extended nightly price rate with total price info
  • Propagated input currency to pricing API request
  • Removed deprecated got request options (except for abortFunction)
  • Fixed JSON files indentation


  • Added calendarMonths input option and deprecated includeCalendar. Now you can specify how many months into the future you want to scrape.


  • Updated SDK version
  • Refactored code
  • Fix currency issues
  • Added pricing to dataset
  • Make pivoting a little more assertive
  • Optimized geolocation code and decreased mm accuracy to meters
  • Added the ability to include the calendar of available days
  • Added more descriptive errors
  • Added debugLog
  • Added limits for search and splitting geolocation into smaller areas


  • Changed input schema to be more UX friendly (set maxItems and maxReviews, set default search term, switched off DEBUG log on default, used USD as default currency)


  • Fixed max item field to work properly
  • Fixed external source of input (CSV, google sheets)


  • Added more information for the primary host such as host url and number of listings
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Actor metrics
  • 358 monthly users
  • 99.0% runs succeeded
  • 18 days response time
  • Created in Dec 2019
  • Modified 5 days ago