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Airbnb Advanced Scraper
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Airbnb Advanced Scraper

Airbnb Advanced Scraper
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3 days trial then $20.00/month - No credit card required now

Unlock the full potential of Airbnb data with our advanced scraper on Apify. Dive deep into listings and experiences, effortlessly collecting detailed insights to empower your market analysis or project. Try now!"

Airbnb Scraper


Explore the extensive Airbnb landscape with our sophisticated scraper, designed to efficiently harvest detailed data from listings and experiences. Tailored for analytics and enriching projects, it navigates search results to capture comprehensive details.

Who Can Use It

  • 馃攳 Market Researchers & Analysts: Dive into market trends, pricing, and demand insights.
  • 馃實 Travel & Hospitality Businesses: Tailor your services with competitor insights and customer preferences.
  • 馃挕 Data Scientists & Developers: Create predictive models and enrich apps with Airbnb data.
  • 鉁嶏笍 Content Creators & Bloggers: Discover and share unique homes and experiences.
  • 馃彔 Real Estate Professionals: Analyze short-term rental market dynamics and opportunities.


  • 馃殌 Effortless Initialization: Start with predefined Airbnb URLs for targeted scraping.
  • 馃搳 Flexible Pagination: Control the depth of your searches with customizable pagination.
  • 馃攳 In-Depth Scraping: Obtain detailed data from individual listings and experiences.
  • 馃寪 Robust Proxy Support: Navigate freely with proxy configurations to ensure seamless data access.

Input Schema

  • startUrls (required): Array of Airbnb search URLs. Supports both home and experience searches with a minimum requirement of one URL.
  • pagination: Integer specifying the number of pages to scrape. Set to 0 for unlimited pages.
  • pdpPage: Boolean flag to enable scraping of Airbnb home detail pages.
  • experiencePage: Boolean flag to enable scraping of Airbnb experience detail pages.
  • proxyUrls (required): Object for proxy configuration, pre-filled to use Apify Proxy results can vary related to proxy country.

Getting Started

  1. Define Start URLs: List the Airbnb search URLs you want to scrape in the startUrls property.
  2. Set Pagination Limit: Specify the number of pages to scrape for each URL in the pagination property.
  3. Enable Detailed Page Scraping: Choose whether to scrape home or experience detail pages by setting pdpPage and experiencePage respectively.
  4. Configure Proxies: Ensure the proxyUrls property is correctly set to manage IP rotation and avoid blocking.

Example Usage

2    "experiencePage": false,
3    "pdpPage": false,
4    "proxyUrls": {
5        "useApifyProxy": true,
6        "apifyProxyGroups": [],
7        "apifyProxyCountry": "CA"
8    },
9    "startUrls": [
10        {
11            "url": ""
12        },
13        {
14            "url": ""
15        },
16        {
17            "url": ""
18        }
19    ]

This example configuration will scrape the first two pages of both home and experience search results for New York and Paris, including detailed information pages, using Apify's proxies.


The scraper outputs JSON files containing detailed data on Airbnb listings and experiences, including titles, descriptions, pricing, reviews, and more. Here's a sample structure of an output file for a home listing:

Home Listing Example

2  "url": "",
3  "name": "Untitled at 3 Freeman - Studio Queen",
4  "title": "Apartment in New York",
5  "type": "entire_home",
6  "avgRating": "4.88 (1313 reviews)",
7  "images": [
8    "",
9    "...other images..."
10  ],
11  "location": {
12    "latitude": 40.72301,
13    "longitude": -73.99201
14  },
15  "badges": ["Superhost"],
16  "pricingQuote": {
17    "label": "$142 per night, originally $197",
18    "discountedPrice": "$142",
19    "originalPrice": "$197",
20    "qualifier": "night"
21  },
22  "metadata": {
23    "rank": 1,
24    "page": 1,
25    "url": "",
26    "pageType": "homes"
27  }

Experience Listing Example

2  "url": "",
3  "name": "No Diet Club - Amazing street food in Brooklyn",
4  "tags": ["Food and drink", "Street food"],
5  "highlights": ["Excellent value", "Top-rated Host"],
6  "reviewsCount": 193,
7  "overallRating": 4.97,
8  "duration": "3.5 hours",
9  "price": "$69 per person"
10  ...
For detailed output examples and further documentation, refer to the output files generated by the scraper.


  • Ensure your proxies are properly configured to avoid scraping issues.
  • If the Actor returns empty results, this may be due to broken links. Please verify that your URLs are functioning correctly.

We鈥檙e always working on improving the performance of our Actors. so for support, issues, or customization, please contact the development team or submit an issue on Issues tab in Apify Console.

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