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Market research

Generate market insights from data on the web

Market research

Accurate and relevant information is the foundation of successful business ventures. Use the vast amount of data on the web to gather information about existing and prospective customers, the competition, and your industry at large.

Travel and accommodation

Monitor accommodation information on Booking and Airbnb. Check listings, room availability, accommodation type, new locations, pricing, and price changes during different times of the year to identify patterns and maximize your returns.

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Travel and accommodation
Social media

Social media

Gather feedback on brands from Twitter and Instagram to evaluate growth potential and optimize marketing strategies.

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Scraping offers from dealers and car sales portals helps you identify the popularity of different brands and models.

>Real estate

Real estate

Extract house and apartment listings from real estate websites in order to generate insights into the current state of the market.

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Want to open a new restaurant and looking for the right location? Collect data about competitors or business listings to decide where your new business, store, or warehouse should be located to maximize potential revenue.

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Hospitality industry

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