Sentiment analysis

Turn opinions into data. Supply your sentiment analysis projects with real-time web data no matter whether it’s tweets, comments, product reviews, or news articles.

Power up your sentiment analysis with data from the web

A combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and computational linguistics, sentiment analysis is used to define the overarching tone of any piece of text, expanding to tone metrics such as intensity, polarity, and key topics. Apply Apify’s tools and expertise to harvest web data at scale and apply sentiment analysis across industries and use cases.

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Customer feedback analysis via reviews

Use real-time product reviews data to track customer sentiment toward your offering and monitor brand reputation. Identify any negative feedback and address it with swift damage control or improvements to your product. Applicable to analyzing competition as well.

Brand monitoring on socials

Take an informed look at customer engagement and identify growth potential with user-generated data from popular social media sites like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Extract mentions, count followers, analyze hashtags, and scrape comments at scale.

Market research across all media

Analyze customer preferences across the market via multiple media sources. Identify patterns, trends, and prevailing narratives. Use condensed sentiment data to make informed decisions about your branding, marketing strategies, and new product launches.

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Smart Article Extractor


📰 Smart Article Extractor extracts articles from any scientific, academic, or news website with just one click. The extractor crawls the whole website and automatically distinguishes articles from other web pages. Download your data as HTML table, JSON, Excel, RSS feed, and more.

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Google Trends Scraper


Scrape data from Google Trends by search terms or URLs. Specify locations, define time ranges, select categories to get interest by subregion and over time, related queries and topics, and more. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs, or integrate with other tools.

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GPT Scraper


Extract data from any website and feed it into GPT via the OpenAI API. Use ChatGPT to proofread content, analyze sentiment, summarize reviews, extract contact details, and much more.

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Website Content Crawler


Crawl websites and extract text content to feed AI models, LLM applications, vector databases, or RAG pipelines. The Actor supports rich formatting using Markdown, cleans the HTML, downloads files, and integrates well with 🦜🔗LangChain, LlamaIndex, and the wider LLM ecosystem.

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AI Text Analyzer for Google Reviews


Quickly analyze customer reviews extracted by Google Maps Scraper. Find out what the most frequently used keywords are in each review. Learn how people view your staff and prices. Obtain structured information from unstructured text. Monitor changes in customers’ sentiment over time.

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Sentiment analysis with AI

Use NLP text analyzer to sift through customer reviews from places on Google Maps. Get insights into customer preferences by identifying the most commonly used keywords in each review. Schedule the scraper and easily track shifts in customer sentiment over a period of time.

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Sieve through comments on social media

Social media comments can be a reliable source for tracking sentiment. Watch our tutorial on scraping Instagram comments to see how to scrape comment data to fuel engagement analysis.

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4 steps for sentiment analysis on Apify


Sign up

First, create an Apify account. It’s free, no credit card is required, and you get $5 free prepaid platform usage every month!


Choose an Actor

Apify Store features hundreds of pre-built tools (we call them Actors) for extracting sentiment data from different websites. Check out the scrapers that can help you with sentiment analysis that could fit your use case.


Get your data

After everything’s set up, run the Actor. As soon as it’s successful, you’ll be able to download data for your sentiment analysis in Excel, JSON, HTML, and many other formats.


Schedule, integrate, monitor

You can further automate your workflow by saving the data to Google Drive, sending automated Gmail and Slack notifications, or monitoring and scheduling your Actor runs.

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Small business (50 or fewer emp.)

The main problem I'm solving is gathering large amounts of social media profile data to accentuate written content. It allows me to be more productive and navigate my content ideas with much more detail. The best thing about Apify is the selection of scrapers. Social networks, search engines, and database websites (like Yellowpages), can all be scraped with simple-to-use scrapers that export data succinctly. There are also a lot of choices for proxies that Apify provides making scraping reliable.

Aaron A., Marketing Director
Aaron A.

Marketing Director

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Why Apify?

Never get blocked

Every plan (free included) comes with Apify Proxy, which is great for avoiding blocking and giving you access to geo-specific content.

Customers love us

We truly care about the satisfaction of our users and thanks to that we're one of the best-rated data extraction platforms on both G2 and Capterra.

Monitor your runs

With our latest monitoring features, you always have immediate access to valuable insights on the status of your web scraping tasks.

Export to various formats

Your datasets can be exported to any format that suits your data workflow, including Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, HTML table, JSONL, and RSS.

Integrate Apify to your workflow

You can integrate your Apify runs with platforms such as Zapier, Make, Keboola, Google Drive, or GitHub. Connect with practically any cloud service or web app.

Large developer community

Apify is built by developers, so you'll be in good hands if you have any technical questions. Our Discord server is always here to help!

Frequently asked questions

What is web scraping and how can it help me with sentiment analysis?

If you were to do sentiment analysis manually, you'd probably have to pay a lot of money (typically more than $15,000) for a custom industry report or collect data online ardiously yourself. Then you would need to put it into a structured database or even just an Excel spreadsheet. Web scraping does this job for you and creates datasets of structured data from the web pages that you point it to. Scraping is essential if you want to do market research at scale and it will save you an immense amount of time.

Can I use build a large language model for sentiment analysis?

Kind of. See if any of our integrations such as 🦜🔗 LangChain or LLaMA can help you collect the data you need and train your large language models for any purpose, including sentiment analysis.

Is sentiment analysis used for research and journalism?

It can be. Take a look at the work of these researchers who used our scrapers to analyze media narratives around Russian aggression in 2022. Also, if you’re a college student working on a data science project which involves sentiment analysis and lots of data scraping, you might be interested in the discount we offer for researchers.

Yes it is, but you should not scrape personal data unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. If you're unsure whether your reason is legitimate, consult your lawyers.

I couldn’t find a scraper for my specific website. Can I build it?

Knock yourself out! Our platform was built to host and run thousands of scrapers. You can customize a universal Web Scraper or start a new one with some of our ready-made templates in Python, JavaScript, or TypeScript. You can keep the scraper to yourself or make it public by adding it to Apify Store (and even make a little cash out of it). You can also integrate your scraper with other popular data processing services such as Keboola, Airbyte, or Zapier.

I don’t need to download scraped data. Is there a web scraping API I can use instead?

Yes, there is. You can have programmatic access to any scraper on the platform via Apify's web scraping API. It is organized around RESTful HTTP endpoints and can be accessed either by using Python or Node.js clients, or manually. This API will enable you to fetch results directly from any of your datasets. Check out the Apify API reference docs for full details.

I'm not a developer. Can you build a custom lead generation scraper for me?

Sure! You can either sign up for a custom solution on our Enterprise page or, if you're searching for a more affordable solution, get an external developer to create the scraper for you via our Apify freelancer program.

I don’t need scrapers for sentiment analysis, but I know somebody who does. Can I refer them?

Yes. Our affiliate program offers up to 50% recurring commission for its participants. You can check out the terms & conditions and sign up for Apify Affiliate here.

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