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Our free Pinterest Scraper allows you to get "pins" along with a user's profile. This unofficial Pinterest API is designed to give you more details than you can see in the web interface. It also enables you to extract public data from Pinterest without limits.

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Cannot get individual pins


yond-owner opened this issue
a month ago

Crawling for an individual pin always returns multiple errors:

ERROR CheerioCrawler: handleRequestFunction failed, reclaiming failed request back to the list or queue {"url":"","retryCount":1,"id":"Koe4s0GxjuXWrRv"} 2024-03-14T13:49:47.546Z Error: BrokenProfile null 2024-03-14T13:49:47.548Z at exports.handleStart (/usr/src/app/src/routes.js:50:11) 2024-03-14T13:49:47.551Z at CheerioCrawler.handlePageFunction [as userProvidedHandler] (/usr/src/app/main.js:54:16) 2024-03-14T13:49:47.553Z at /usr/src/app/node_modules/apify/build/crawlers/cheerio_crawler.js:517:62 2024-03-14T13:49:47.555Z at wrap (/usr/src/app/node_modules/@apify/timeout/index.js:73:33) 2024-03-14T13:49:47.557Z at /usr/src/app/node_modules/@apify/timeout/index.js:88:13 2024-03-14T13:49:47.559Z at (node:async_hooks:311:14) 2024-03-14T13:49:47.562Z at /usr/src/app/node_modules/@apify/timeout/index.js:87:25 2024-03-14T13:49:47.564Z at new Promise (

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  • Created in Feb 2022
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